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Meticulous in her attention to detail, kind-hearted in greeting visitors, Anthea is loyal to her clients. Her team take contracts individually but meet as one is a sight for soaring. Who really is Anthea McGibbon. She founded OAaSIS after 14 years at the Caribbean’s newspaper, but who is she REALLY? Do you remember her at the Gleaner, where she was subeditor, writer, photogapher, feature co-ordinator – AHHHH? Do you remember when she did wedding photographs, family prtraits, studio photography, art clubs, workshops – AHHHH?
Meticulous in her attention to detail. Warm and kind-hearted in greeting visitors, she is loyal to her clients. Her professional services include:
arts and communications consultant
legal leg worker
ghost writer
children entertainment
HER team of write lovers are all qualified to meet contracts independently by meet as one to highlight arts, culture, creativity, law, religion and spirituality on the media site for soaring eyes.

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... qualified & experienced in journalism, creative writing, editing, the arts, art critique, paralegal, photography, teaching, research, event planning, motivational speaking, workshops for children and adults, visual arts etc. Click here for contact form. ...or email me here

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