THOUGHT: What ever happened to MENTAL INTIMACY?

THOUGHT: What ever happened to MENTAL INTIMACY?

“The funniest thought just came to mind. I realized that the majority of those I converse with can all recollect their last physical encounter with a member of the opposite sex. Yet they fall into a state of amnesia when I asked them to recall their last stimulating conversation with the opposite sex.
What ever happened to MENTAL INTIMACY?
Like chivalry, it’s a thing of the past, but why? Is there no place in our present society for those with a independent thought? I too yearn for the warm embrace of a thought provoking, yet mentally soothing interaction of the mind.
To connect with one who is in tune with a arousal of conscious curiosity…sigh. I just became light headed at the notion. How I would love to interact with the Maya Angelou of our time.”-DREWLHINDS.COM

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Drew L. Hinds, Jr. is a driven young man of Jamaican decent, whose inner being radiates passion and a deep level of insight. Drew operates as mentor, a songwriter, vocalist, freelance photographer, self-taught pianist. As an author he self published his debut book Don’t Spoil Your Appetite, Volume 1, Good Man For Sale ( a guide to women) ). He is also the editor, graphic designer and co-founder of Desk Ink Publishing. For his books, link up at
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