Win a painting on a scene of Jamaica by a popular Jamaican

WHO DO YOU THINK MAKE THE LIST OF The BEST Miss Jamaica through the years? Who is your favourite? Tell us and win a painting by a Jamaican artist.

WHO DO YOU THINK MAKE THE LIST OF The BEST Miss Jamaica through the years. Is it Cindy Breakspeare, Sandra Foster, Lisa Hannah or even Yendi Phillips? How many have we had, and where do you think they are now?

Tell us right here on and you just might win a prize (a painting by one of our famous Jamaican artists). All you have to do is fill out the comments section at the end of this article – remember to fill in space provided for name and contact, so we can get in touch with you. Otherwise send your response to, especially if you would rather your response to be kept private. However if you email us, you are required to say SEE YOUR INBOX in the space for comments below.
Second Prize: A sketch of your portrait!

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