Artful chat with Ja painter Barry Watson inspires ‘student’


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3 Thoughts to “Artful chat with Ja painter Barry Watson inspires ‘student’”

  1. Michael Curah

    What contribution did Eugene Hyde delivered to the art development in Jamaica ? note he was omitted from the fundamental group mentioned as developers of art in Jamaica.

  2. Also David Boxer and others!

  3. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your communication. Please remember that the list is always going to be a work in progress. It is very open to suggestions, and of course all suggestions will be investigated. An attempt is however being made to create a balance through this website, at the very least.
    It has been my observation in my tenure as a journalist, critic and artist, over the years that different persons promote those they are exposed to or rather choose to represent their interest. However acting towards the wider national benefit, I am from research, interviews, recommendations etc compiling a list with proper references for especially students to learn about most if not all who have been critical.
    For too long we overlook Jamaican visual artists who have done a world of good, while promting those who come to our shores and although are critical has not been as critical. So please keep us challenged and communicating for the wider good. Further, David Boxer I am sure is on the list, if for nothing else as a relevant curator of the National Gallery past and present.

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