Avoid basic corruption practices while in Jamaica

I once attended the courtroom where the ruling Judge Charles Pennicooke presided. I was concerned that a policeman who worked at the Court was being reprimanded for having served a summons for his friend.

However, after giving full thought to the explanation given by the Judge I realised he was prodding conscious thought to avoid small ways of practicing corruption. After all small acts practiced overtime enlarge to greater ones. Whats frightening is the few who truly understand before the larger acts take their toll.

So as I daily have a introspect and consider my vision for Jamaica, I hope this article offering a growing crazy list of some basic ways corruption has crept in our country pries at your conscience. Don’t get me wrong though I am not against meaningful favours or giving blighs – kindness always come back to you. However you will agree there are times when that favour to yourself or that other person is just far from being meaningless. For example there are too many pons in jobs that they should not be in for lack of qualifications formally or otherwise. The far end result is a scandal and sometimes one which draws blood. Think about it!!

Giving someone a skip in a line
Helping someone to get through without any real incidence of emergency or due cause
Selling samples meant for free distribution
Meaningless favours
Padding a bill
A job not earned, where the person is incapable of doing even basic research to self prep themselves


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