Battymanism in Jamaica

Well now, in Jamaica dem hav all kinda ism, nuh mek duppy fool yuh! But a wah catch dem creature deh a dih University a Technology di odder day, yes the pressitgious UTech college tun unviversity.
Di ting tun up wen tv shed lite pon wan secuity guard a beat dih living daylite outta wan student, and the footage did seh a because im gay, dat him an wan nex yute wenna doogo doogo. Dih security guard who since get arrested catch dih bwoy wen a mob o odder students run down di two alleged b***yboy dem fih God ongle know. Dih fuss class idiot dem claim tek refuge inna dih guardhouse and a so dih secuity get im fi dun him out.. almost.
BUT mi waa oonu tink, cuz oonu claim to be well thinking Jamaicans –
1. Onnu nuh realise seh B***ymanism, yes homosexuality for want of a stooshie stooshie word ago leagalise and dis action yah gainst dem bwoya a go onlge give support fih speed up dih process
2. den now a two fuss class idiot – dat deh security neva know all along seh im deh pon candid camera.. kiss mi mumma backside. A wah tek im. Im gi di bwoi some lick, lef right, an centre, plus some kick. Fi wa.
Den nuh tek bad sinting tek joke dis time, di newsteam dem now seh di security did check seh dih boy a tief cause him a run from weh dem tief two cars dih nite before. A suh mih noa Jamaican people dark.. Cuz we believe dih explanation given by a oo dat now — well som big head at UTech weh come gih speech
Tel mih now, two wrangs doant mek one right, but a 3 wroangs.. suh wih backk to square wan…
Wa b***yman tings a do pon capus.. a suh doogie doogie between man an man sweet dat dem heat rise afta Sandy so much dat dem haffi let off air weh students– leaders of tomorrow can sih dem. Well gracious me.
So a wah diss a tell me bout Jamaica doa eeeh… as much as wih homophobic.. fraid fraidy a dih b***yman ting, wih have a live an direct b***yman culture fih dem wan ya come out fih gi live show an neva een a penny seh dem a go draw mob crowd.
Mih personally tink seh if a did wan woman and wan man student, mob wudda come same way fi even watch show.. but dat a me…
Jamaicans love drama, and whole heap a dem a secret pervert. dis listen to dem chat.. Nuh watch how some a dem b***yman yah gwaan, dem doogo doogo inna di closet more dan man and mih
wait nuh leave out government yuh nuh. both sides have its portion of gay politician Dem gay till izza shame.
Jus tink when J-Flag bring up Human Rights Act as I said before — homosexuals going to go legal.
Memba dis nex time yuh wa tun up—
Human Rights international seh everybody have rights to be demselve, believe dem ting as long as dem nah get phtiscally abusive.. my own wuds… so wen it come to eventually man will get legal fih screw all dawg weh some Jamaican start awready as long as dem nah physically abuse.. so really massa and missus a di physical abuse ting dem gwen tek and legalise di b***yman dem tings.
But a ova time dem gwine get public listings.
All di tape from Peter king.. dat gwine have its time to show.
Rite ya now.. mih a tell all whoo waan listen save oonu energy –fi deal wid di wuss to come.
B***tymanism going legal, if for no odder reason but dat esp PNP government love bailout and haffi tek it as the bigger heads of di world ARE gay. Dem full music industry, business industry, politics and more dan any Jamaican realise. Use u energy pon oonu self – how oonu gwine survive, how wih pickney dem gwine grow to be and survive.
Di cuntry going get poorer.. suh yuh gwine need energy fi plan yuhself outta personal poverty.
Passon pickney gwine chat up wah parson a do from long time an a give God and church bad name, an more lickle pickney gwine act big an nuh wan learn till it too late.

Tek cyah till nex musing!

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