2019 Digicel Rising stars needs a rise

Last night Sunday, September 1, 2019 was a disappointment, especially as its winding down.

Poor Anthony bore the brunt of hate for trying to do his mighty best to get real talent displayed.

J-Lue, please up your game, you were more talking loudly than singing and you know you can do better. That’s not the limit of your voice

So far Leneka topped the night, but she still needs to explore her voice more.

Sherlon, you too calm do you even remember you are in a competition you haven’t won yet so let off some range and give me a wow..

As for Celecia i do believe you were too cautious last night.

I say call back one of the contestants who went off aww too quickly and give the show a rise. Maybe next year hosts should consider more spice. Like give them a language competition to sing a song in patois or spanish, or maybe just have them do an original. something got to give. Its becoming too expected and so the contestants just do enough to get by.

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