Chief Justice to review issues at Family Court

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The Honourable Mrs. Justice Zaila McCalla O.J. has
taken steps to review and implement measures to address issues raised by a litigant in a Letter to
the Gleaner Editor dated Saturday, July 4, 2015, concerning the management and administration
of the Kingston and St. Andrew Family Court.
The Honourable Chief Justice has instructed a technical team from the Court Management
Services (CMS), to provide improved technological support associated with record keeping as an
interim measure to address the situation. Additionally, these efforts are to be fortified by
sustained and continuous customer service training supported by ongoing monitoring and
evaluation by CMS. The technical team deployed will conduct assessments and provide a
comprehensive report on ICT Solutions, Procurement of Equipment, and Customer Service
Training for Court Staff.
The CMS has been in the process of coordinating the implementation of an automated data
collection system for all courts. This is being done on a phased basis due to certain
infrastructural and financial constraints. Two courts, Corporate Area Criminal and St Thomas
Resident Magistrates’ Courts, have commenced utilizing this new system. However, due to
physical infrastructure problems, the Kingston & St. Andrew Family Court was not selected in
the first phase of the implementation. There is however, a need for an appropriate space to be
identified for the relocation of the Family Court.
Due to budgetary constraints, the necessary funding requested has not yet been provided to give
attention to the Family Court as well as to complete the automation project in all the courts
across Jamaica.
In the meantime, staff at the Family Court will take steps to ensure that information needed from
the Court Sheet is available to litigants during the period that the Court Sheet is in use by the
Magistrate in court.

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