Dear Jamaica Visual Artists, only you can free yourselves

Fellow artists.. VISUAL ARTISTS…. When critics are written and published.. It’s really not about who you know…. Media houses operate by advertising content.. Visual artists and apparently their pr persons really in this modern day still do not understand this marriage.

It is time to be more positive about your work and invite positivity in appreciating your worth.
Commercial galleries need to place advertising content when shows are hosted. Like everybody else. Make deals.. Do giveaways.. If you can’t pay the cash like every other field. No sense saying you’re broke when you spend on everything else. Dahlia Harris, bad boy Trevor, Owen Ellis, and a host of artists were broke.. But they knew where they needed to be. Success sails on sacrifice.
Take note on how quickly comedians who were the most scorned are rising to prominence..
. So all other representatives of the creative force flood the media houses with advertisement and what do visual artists do.. Cry over missing critics and yet no ad content.. It costs something to travel and work.. As a critic I do what I can… But pr persons need to make their clients understand. It’s really taxing..
Advertising is an expense you. Must plan for..
Jamaica is not at the place where certain events are national enough so to speak.
God bless Paul Issa, Jane Issa, who go the extra mile to show support in a concrete way.. Jamaica has gone materialistic and bolistic.. Nothing is free.. Somebody pays.. Time, talent, travel.. Get with the flow visual artists.. If you can’t afford media houses.. Do an ad according to your budget on other spaces.. eg.. To cover travel at least.

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