Delroy Campbell poses fake ‘Anthea McGibbon’ rent receipts

HOW DESPERATE can persons get for attention and to earn a fast buck.

The public is hereby advised that I ANTHEA McGiBBON have NEVER rented property be it land, garbage dump, rooms, hotel, motel from DELROY CAMPBELL.

It has come to my awareness directly and indirectly that he has a rent receipt book where he has drafted numerous receipts made out to me claiming to have rented property to me at Leas Flat in Red Hills, Saint Andrew.

He has therefore taken my personal information and is seeking to gain unjustly from this story.

He has never rented to me, and therefore has never evicted me.

He did show me the book, where said receipts in the amount of $50,000.00 were made out in my name, and I did make attempts to report him. He then hid the book and claimed I was not the Anthea McGibbon. However checks at RGD reveal there IS NO ONE else by that name!!

Delroy Campbell is an individual I met at the Civil Court Sutton Street who tried to befriend me. I have recently discovered that he has taken extreme steps to defame my character. He has seized many opportunities to spread fake information about me. I encourage and implore members of the public to research anything that has been told about me by said individual and in the event of third parties passing on what they have been told by him and his friends as gospel.

I have heard him telling persons that I am a scammer and pretend to be an attroney which is far from reality and damaging to my character and moreso not connected with the realities of my dealings.

I am way too engaged in my duties and service to the public to even consider gaining by unscrupulous means and I am asking him publicly to desist from these practices. So farhis utterances along with his friend Cornel Christie has done damage which is being controlled starting with the fake website created against me.

As such I now announce I am distanced from him.

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