Help me sort title for Jamaica land left by 4th generation

A reader seeks title left by 4th generation Jamaican!

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I have a question regarding obtaining a land title. The property is in a rural area of Jamaica, I am 4th generation to this property the only name that may be on the title is about five generation back which would be my great, great,…….. grandfather. I have a diagram for the property, how do I get my name on title, and also how do I obtain the title if I can get one. Also whats the cost of obtaining a title. The taxes is updated on the property which was being paid by my great aunt who has passed away over 13 years ago, my aunt has since being paying the taxes to date.

Awaiting your earliest reply.


RESPONSE: Dear Tanya,
Thanks for writing in.

1. You will first need to obtain a copy of the title. You can apply online, although it is recommended that you have someone physically do this in Jamaica, on your behalf.
2. Secondly apply for letters of administration, or to probate a will if one exists.
3. Thirdly, apply for a transfer of your name to the title.
4. The cost of doing all these tasks are dependent on the volume of work and complications involved.
Our team members can assist for a nominal fee.

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