How Online Tutoring pays off while Earning an Online Degree

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BY Jeff Giles
Online tutors have some amazing opportunities. There is currently an incredible movement to make education as accessible and diverse as possible through online mediums. Becoming an online tutor only adds to this incredible transition. There are also multiple ways to become an online tutor, and you don’t necessarily have to work for an online site to make money, though this is a popular way to do so. In addition, it’s a great career for those who are currently still in school. If you are thinking of getting an online degree but you also want to be able to work, it’s much easier to split your time between an online job and online courses. The best part is that tutors are needed for virtually any subject, so even if you don’t have particular skills in math, you may be able to tutor in science, English or even a foreign language. You also get paid to work by the hour, and that can earn you over $100 a day if you’re good at what you do.

Multiple online tutors that I know started out as tutors in real life. Some are actually former teachers. They all have spoken about the convenience of this job opportunity, because you can pick up hours any time that you are free, and you can continue to work on major assignments for school or hold down another job. Online tutoring was actually the real reason that they were able to afford an online degree program and earn an incredibly easy income. One tutor I know was actually still working towards her bachelor’s degree and started online courses for business so she could start her own online tutoring company. She also took jobs at some of the popular online teaching and tutoring sites, such as and Both of these sites incorporated intelligent interfaces and had easy-to-use tools that let you connect with students, teach them something new and get paid.

Another friend of mine would take courses online and master the information, then become a tutor for the subject online. She would do this strictly on her own, advertising her services through the college or on her blog. She made quite a bit of money freelancing this way and was able to complete her bachelor’s degree in computer science, which she was then able to use to further her career and continue to make money from online tutoring. Eventually she was able to work solely for herself, creating two companies, one that connected users with computer specialist tutors and one that helped users diagnose computer issues.

Online students do require a flexible tutor, someone who can teach but who also knows about various topics, from test prep to algebra. You’ll need to be able to teach a variety of subjects to be able to freelance and make the most money, but you can always take new online courses in order to tutor the subject. You also need to have a talent for computers and Internet technology, so you can maneuver around the tutoring interface and lead lessons online one-on-one or with multiple pupils. Online tutoring can also lead to positions as actual teachers for online courses, so that is another career path to think about as you pursue a degree. Most tutoring positions will require that you can demonstrate your knowledge in a topic and also show that you have experience, so it’s important to tailor your application towards former employment that placed you in a teacher role. With the right skills and education, you can increase your salary with online tutoring jobs and an online degree program.

JEFF MILES is VP, Business Development, First Impression Interactive

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