JAMAICAN CERASSE (Scientific name: Momordica charanta)is a bitter bush, and some herbalist recommend adding a peg of garlic per cup of this brew.
The main reason of course being to counteract its effect of heightening blood pressure, as the garlic lowers one’s pressure. Adding garlic balances the bitterness and makes the brew sweet and tolerable to the taste buds.
Cerasse like other bitter herbs of Jamaica is commonly used to cleanse the blood, but be careful not to overdose and cause complications with your liver.
It can be cooked and eaten like leafy vegetables, but it was brought to the island African slaves. It is commonly cultivated for the treatment and cure of diabetes (juice of ripe fruit mostly used), malaria, worms, colds and hypertension, and as as an overall health tonic.

The herbal/bush tea is used as a remedy for colitis,liver problems,fever and as a skin lotion.
The ripe fruit of the bush is sometimes sucked by Jamaicans, but is really good for diabetes.

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition in April 2003 found that bitter melon extract improved insulin resistance and raised glucose (blood sugar) in rats.

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