Jamaican patois versus Jamaican versus patois

Is it Jamaican, broken English, Jamaican broken English, Jamaican English or Jamaican patois that Jamaicans speak? Do we chat it or speak it, or say it? Is it a language or a dialect?
The debate goes on. Well experts are now making valid input. So here’s the most logical answer so far.

THERE ARE FIVE THINGS SHOULD BE A MUST for All Jamaicans, in my opinion:
1. LEARN to swim
2. HAVE A VISA To the US and other countries. I dont think so many will be excited about running away and living abroad after that
3. TAKE a trip across Jamaica, a real indepth trip
4. BE Team Jamaica certified by TAKing one of the Team Jamaica Training Courses. Especially if you want to become an Ambassador and as you know based on jobs in media, and the arts for example, some Jamaicans already are. It definitely wont hurt to get as much inormation on what makes a Jamaican a Jamaican through lessons and immersion in areas such as special events and spots, the food, the entertainment, the history.
For more visit TEAM JAMAICA CERTIFICATION or www.tpdco.com
5. KNOW WHAT Jamaicans speak – Jamaican, Jamaican patois, patois, English or Jamaican English

At a recent TEAM JAMAICA training session, I learnt that we speak ‘Jamaican’ language not patois which is what dialects are referred to. Yes, there are pockets of patois on the island, but the official language being developed with it’s own rules and so on is JAMAICAN
Think about it English people speak English, Spanish people speak Spanish but we as Jamaicans speak English and chat Jamaican!

Here’s one rule of the JAMAICAN LANGUAGE:
“Di gal deh”/”Da gal deh” PLURALISED is “Dem gal deh”

This in


means “This/That girl” or “The Girl” PLURALISED AS “These/Those girls” in reference to specific girl/girls

Now broken or

    Jamaican English

would put it at “Di girl” YIKES, I do declare!!!



would translate it “Shi gal”

You may want to purchase the Jamaican version of the Bible, as a good gift or souvenir.

Walk good!!!!
Read more in Culturally Yours on Jamaicans.com!!

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