Let’s dance!

Since some have been curious to know what book I have been working on, I decided to share a peek…of my new book due out in November of 2014.” – DREW L. HINDS JR

I had a thought I wanted to share with you ladies. Have you ever considered that every man you are attracted to isn’t guaranteed to be the one for you? In other words, what you want is not always what you need. Think of relationship like a dance.

The ring of the Fogas!!
The ring of the Fogas!!

First, a man approaches and asks you for a dance. At this point you have a choice to accept or decline, remembering that it is a privilege as oppose to a right to dance with you. Once you have accepted his offer you observe his movements, his technique. A lot can be deciphered by observation, is he experienced, can he make decisions under pressure, is he sensitive to your needs and is he willing to compromise. You can also see if he is truly into you or easily distracted by all the other females lustfully staring at him. Before the dance has ended you always know what you have experienced.

Right Dance Partner?

I think the problem exists when we are not being honest with ourselves, and excepting that this was not a suitable dance partner. Many of us are so scared of dancing alone that we settle for a bad experience on the dance floor of life. So, the next time a man approaches you be prepared to except the dance of a lifetime. Once you are dancing, pause and ask yourself this question, did I enjoy this dance, or am I willing to have, “A Good Man For Sale.”

Distant or distance

Have you ever found yourself in a situation with a man (whom you love) where you are trying to understand why he seems to be so frustrated or distant? Well, that is probably why you decided to choose this book – in hopes of understanding him. Let me start with explaining the mechanics of a man. When I say the mechanics of a man, I am referring to what makes up a man’s thought process. First of all, I want you to understand men are territorial creatures. We have this innate desire to protect our own, whether possessions or space. With that said if a woman fails to understand that very important aspect then it can and will bring a visible distance within the relation. I have noticed that women throughout time have revered the thought of finding, “Mr. Right.” Now, don’t get me wrong, that is a wonderful notion, but is finding him all that matters? Is there nothing else worth striving for in the endeavor of having a worthwhile man? I guess the point I am trying to covey is there should not only be an emphasis on finding a good man, but also the reality of keeping one.

I say that because, far too many times there are fortunate women who find themselves involved with what they deem a ‘good man’ and fail to understand the mechanics of maintaining that relation. Now, forgive me if it would seem that I am putting the responsibility on a woman, because that is not the case; yet one might want to come to the realization that ‘good men’ are truly a rare commodity.

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Drew L. Hinds, Jr. is a driven young man of Jamaican decent, whose inner being radiates passion and a deep level of insight. Drew operates as mentor, a songwriter, vocalist, freelance photographer, self-taught pianist. As an author he self published his debut book Don’t Spoil Your Appetite, Volume 1, Good Man For Sale ( a guide to women) ). He is also the editor, graphic designer and co-founder of Desk Ink Publishing. For his books, link up at http://www.amazon.com/Drew-L-Hinds/e/B007SP1OEG
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