New way to send your invitations by paperless post

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When did Jamaicans get so busy? Its like we live in a first world country. Think about it how many of your friends do you see, without planning a day per week, or in every month or for some per year. You do however think of having all your friends and the media involved and attending your special event.
Paperless post is the newest way to invite your friends to that special event. It not only sends invitations but has a RSVP must fill in section as well. What;s more you can even send greetings cards to your friends without the bother of the physical post office.
It sure is getting to be a peerless world, and I worry about that, with forseen challenges of record keeping. However invitations sent are not meant for keeps so this method works for me. Try it and let us know what you think…
I have been getting a few invitations, and it’s comfortable enough and easy to navigate. Be careful though that you don;t wind up signing up using your passwords to access facebook, or any other email. Remember your security is critical. So if you do choose to sign up, choose yet another password and write it down somewhere safe.

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