OAaSIS seeks Diasporans support for art in Jamaica primary schools

Exhibits of art and craft by Allman Town Primary Grade 6 students

The OAaSIS International Foundation is persistent to improve critical thinking, literacy among other things for Jamaica, and is targeting the Jamaican Diaspora for participatory support.
Diaspora members are sought after to participate in funding or volunteerism.

The Jamaican Government remains adamant that creative skills and critical thinking should be taught at the primary level. The discipline of art has been identified as the main avenue to teach this.
The Government is however faced with the challenges to make this happen effectively as it struggles to implement several plans to advance the nation.
Additionally, the question of funding numerous projects still remains a quest for varied ministries working out their own major projects.
The OAaSIS International Foundation is one entity in primary schools working alongside youth to appreciate art through an intense immersion in creative skills.
Funds are needed for this material based area.
Needs list

Otherwise membership fees is the equivalent of 1000 Jamaican dollars.
The members of the Jamaican Diaspora is urged to visit and participate in any of the projects in schools. Just interacting with the children makes a world of difference.

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