Eye tricks, optic illusions or perspectives .. YOU DECIDE!

Be very aware of ways in which others can influence your mind by getting you to see and sometimes accept something else indirectly! See more on optic illusions, eye tricks, perspectives, sublime messages…

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Some identify art works with more than one images/messages eye tricks, others accept them as brain or mind games. Its important to know that creative minds are powerful minds, fun or no fun, good or bad. The concept of sending and receiving hidden messages in addition to what is obvious is basically labelled as sublime messages. Have you ever single brained identified sublime messages in say advertisements you see on your television screen in a book or at the movies? Have you ever seen art and tried to critique it or even understand it.. but what you read from the art is sometimes totally opposite to what the artist actually painted or even meant to say trough his work.

Whatever it is… optical illusions are an artists proof of how humans can play games on each other and worse or better yet bear strong influence on other persons. On another note it could be viewed as a matter of perspective. How we see, how we are exposed or cultured. Either way its time for us to be aware of how critical it is to be good observers.
Being a good observer enhances your brain no matter what field you find yourself in.

Look at the images added. Interesting how perspectives can differ. Even greater how messages can be sent…

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