Life’s interesting. The Bible itself advises us that the ‘greens’ of the earth are the best for our health. Yet it is often a wonder on the number of Jamaicans who really are clueless to the ‘green gold’ of the island. It is surprising because Jamaica is one country known for growing its youth on the Bible and faith. So many medicinal qualities and elements have been proven to exist in the green herbs – what Jamaicans sometimes call bush, wild bush – it seems that everything growing Jamaica is good for something. Here is a quick chart of herbs growing on Jamaican soil, their uses.

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The list is not exhausted. Many are the scientists, professors and doctors who have come to Jamaica’s shores, traveling across the island to make purchase of most if not all of these herbs or ‘bushes’ so often rejected by natives of the island. Even more interesting is the fact that trees and shrubs often contain many different medicinal purposes depending on the section used. For example seeds, leaves, roots, veins, ‘fruits’ usually carry different medicinal uses.

List of foods, herbs, bushes, plants, spices with medicinal value includes:

Cho cho
Carrot Cassava
Banana sucker s
Banana Green fruit
Lime juice
Lime Leaf
Sour orange
Young unopened ackee
Young ackee Leaf
Ackee & red water grass
Soursop and honey
Ripe mango
Coconut oil

Green pimento
Pimento Leaf
Cinnamon Bark Spice,
Basil Leaf
Radish Swollen root
Pimento & ginger

Peppermint Leaf
Colic Mint
Fever grass
Pepper elder
Search mi heart

Rat ears
Briar wist
Rat ears,
leaf of life
John Charles Tobacco
Spirit weed
St. Vincent stake Aralia
Aralia Susumba
Leaf of life
Chicken weed &Semi contract
Salvia serotina & Chenopodium ambrosioides
Leaf Cough
Cow itch
Marigold Cosmos
Dog blood
Red coat
Red leaf lds
Red and white Pudding wist
Briar bush
Jack in the bush Liquorice (John Crow)
Joseph coat
Sour orange
Maiden Hair
national Love bush
Elder flower

Guinea hen weed
Mojo herb,
Jack in the bush,
St. Vincent stake,
Aralia, & Aloe Aloe vera Leaves Colds Bee


REGARDING PURCHASE OF/ACCESS to herbs grown in Jamaica:
You will need to secure them directly from Jamaica. At times, there are restrictions at country borders worldwide, on the import/export of herbs, so checks are a must. We however have had persons who report they successfully brought the herbs back home on their person. Acquiring herbs or byproducts from a member of our team attracts a fee.

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68 thoughts on “Try Jamaican herbs and plants for relief, treatment, cures”
  1. Dear Dionne Francis,
    Owner of the culture yard “The Revelation Rock” in Clarendon, Stoneman, a respected elder and natural mystic, was consulted on this topic.
    He has advised that dog blood bush (medically known as Ravina humilis) is good for cleaning up the womb and related issues. He says women often come to him, and, are treated for issues related to the menstruation flow with this bush. I’ve heard that the shame o macka bush is also good for purposes such as clearing blocked tubes and ensuring pregnancy. All the best. Keep communicating.
    PLEASE NOTE that bush and herb charts list this dog blood bush as also being good for colds.
    REMEMBER I am not a doctor, so it is recommended that you consult a doctor before trying any of these treatments.

    READ MORE on Jamaican bushes

  2. how should the dog blood bush be taken ( meaning how often n d portion)? how soon after drinking the dog blood bush should one expects her period? does having this period signifies that the bush is working?

  3. Hi Rasheda,
    Thanks for communicating. Please allow me to source and share the response within 96 hours!
    Remember though that these responses are from someone who studies and works with herbs, bushes and is not a medical doctor by profession.

  4. Hi, i am interesting in using the the Dog Blood herb. I was recently told about its benefits of cleaning out a woman uterine tubes. I am ready to try this remedy but i am in the US, so, my mother is trying to send it to me. I really hope it works.

  5. Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for communicating. Please stay connected and keep us posted as to the result. Remember though that the over indulgence in any bush especially without the advice from a trained medical doctor can be harmful.

  6. Hi Rasheda,
    You may take a cup of the dog blood bush per day for at least one month. However for your specific problem, you need to drink a cup starting 3 days before your period is due. Then take it for 7 consecutive days. If you were feeling cramps at any time, combine the ‘vervine bush’ with the ‘dog blood bush’.

    The ‘vervine bush’ is usually taken for cramps among other ailments.

    Bless UP!

  7. i have fibroid and like to use dogblood bush with the perryrinle bush is that to use for fibrids its in my uterus and they are big

  8. Hey I would really like to try the Dog Blush as I have Ovarian Cyst and was also told that I have hormonal imbalance. Can you please tell me if this blush will help me conceive. Than you.

    eagerly awaiting your response.

  9. Hi Colleen,
    The dog blood bush is good for your uterus. Can you send me a more direct email as your situation requires more information. Thanks!

  10. Hey Kristy,
    The dogblood bush is good for your cyst and hormonal balance. Please send more details to my email for a more specicified response.
    Remember though that I write from the perspective of an herbalist. If you are taking prescribed medication, or was on any form recently, it is recommended that you speak to the doctor and mention any discussions and bushes brought to your attention.


  11. I need some herbs the names are camo mile and fever few. where can i find these ?

  12. Dear Sandre,
    Please use the contact form and provide a list of the specific herbs and quantities that you need. You will be advised by email on where you can get them specifically, and any relating procedure/requirement. Otherwise, you can find a number of herbs to buy in the Coronation market downtown or in any country area such as in Portland.
    QUESTIONS: Are you referring to “fever grass as the fever few?” Re the “camo mile”, is this the ‘chamomile’ which is sometimes called ‘camomile’?

  13. Hi,
    I would like for you to provide me with a list and quantities of Jamaican bushes and herbs that clear blocked tube. Thank you.

  14. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for communicating.
    Seems as though you’re going to need specialised response. Please therefore use our contact form to get your email queued in our email for a response from the specialist and further procedures.


  15. hi ,i went to the doctor an they found a trace of sugar in my blood, but he say i can get rid of it. can y tell me wat i can do to get rid of it please,

  16. Hi Cellia,
    Thanks for your communications… did you look through our articles and try anything we recommended?
    The Jamaican Herbalist

  17. Hi. A really good friend of mine told me about the dog blood bush, I do have hormonal imbalance and having problems conciving, I do my check ups and everythings ok but I cant get pregnant, can you plz tell me if the shame-o-macka really.thank you

  18. REGARDING PURCHASE OF/ACCESS to herbs grown in Jamaica:
    You will need to secure them directly from Jamaica. At times, there are restrictions at country borders worldwide, on the import/export of herbs, so checks are a must. We however have had persons who report they successfully brought the herbs back home on their person. Acquiring herbs or byproducts from a member of our team attracts a fee.

  19. REGARDING PURCHASE OF/ACCESS to herbs grown in Jamaica:
    You will need to secure them directly from Jamaica. At times, there are restrictions at country borders worldwide, on the import/export of herbs, so checks are a must. We however have had persons who report they successfully brought the herbs back home on their person. Acquiring herbs or byproducts from a member of our team attracts a fee.

    Jamaican Herbalist

  20. I am 25. I have been trying to conceive for the past 11 months with no success. I have been going to the doctor very frequently and was told that everything okay with my body. but still no success. I am abt to start drinking the dog blood bush. Please advice me.

  21. Dear WantBe Mom,
    Dog Blood bush has been proven to work in some cases here in Jamaica. However, should you need more detailed guidance, please write directly to fees may apply!

    Jamaican Herbalist

  22. Good day to you,

    I am living in Florida and have just been told by a friend that dog blood is good for fibroids, blocked tubes and ovarian cyst and unfortunately i have to say that i have all three. I would like to know where i can get this dog blood to purchase. Is it sold in the U.S? I would also appreciate some instructions on how to use it for my different issues. Thanks so much and i await a response.

  23. Dear Winsome,
    Thank you for communicating and staying connected with this website. So far there is no information on whether the dog blood herb is accessible in the US. However, it can be had directly in Jamaica from any member of our herbalist team. As far as dosages are concerned, you will need to speak further to a member of the herbalist team, and that will be at a nominal fee. Please if interested make further contact at Bless You!
    Stay connected!

  24. Hi. I really appreciate this website. I’m just coming from the market where I purchased a ‘tie’ of dog blood bush. What I would appreciate is if you could put some pics to the names of these herbs (bush). Yes, I’m a Montegonian, know the names but can’t identify the bush.

  25. I would like to be able to contact stoneman about specific herbs. How is this possible? What is leaf of life good for?

  26. Dear Michelle,
    Thank you writing in. Do you need the information specifically from Stoneman. We have several members of the Jamaica Herbalist team, and screen each query before assigning to any one herbalist.
    Please therefore send a detailed request regarding your queries about specific herbs to
    Answers about the uses of the Jamaica leaf of life is accessed on through a search.

    All the best!

  27. Hello! I would love to know if there are any herbs that you know of that are good for muscle tone because I’m not fond of pharmaceutical medicine.

  28. Hi Jay,

    Several herbs can be effective to building muscle tone – building tissues.
    The tonifying herb, Ginseng is often used to build muscle tone.
    A good tea blend of Ginger, Peppermint, Raspberry, Spearmint, and Wild Yam increases muscle tone.
    Here are some other useful ones
    Marshmallow root, Sage, Dandelion leaves, Alfalfa, Kelp, Rose Hips, Licorice, Mullein, Nettles, Red Clover, Yellow Dock.

    DONT forget diet, exercise though!

    Jamaica Herbalist!

  29. Dear Kristy,
    RE OVARIAN CYSTS: Thank you for calling in. When you get to Jamaica you certainly can do an in-person appointment with one of our herbalists. To follow up on what Stoneman says above, there are herbs to reduce and eventually rid the ovarian cysts (is any collection of fluid, surrounded by a very thin wall). Although cysts are at first harmless, if they are made to continue growing, you can wind up with fertility issues or symptoms of a bigger problem called PCOS.castor oil treatments, organic meat and organic dairy are a natural way to go, but herbs which are also useful include Blue cohosh. You have a responsibility too 1. Take antioxidant supplements. Take Homeopathic (from animal or plants, Eat less red meat; Drink lots and lots of water to flush your system of toxins; Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
    Natural remedies help by 1. Reduces excess estrogens; 2. Promotes hormonal balance; 3. Reduces cyst size and growth 4. Without side effects
    NB: Ovarian cysts can be formed when the follicle which does not release continues to grow forming a cyst. This occurs when there is failed or disordered ovulation.
    NB: There are herbs which trigger and/or provoke ovarian cysts so be wise in seeking consultation.


  30. I have tried the cerasee and it really worked out for me but I have an head ache and I dont know what to use… can u tell me?

  31. So far Kay, one must be careful when consuming cerasee. We are assuming that you are eating properly and is not on any medication which may be reacting to the tea. The leaves should be dried as much as possible, not too much should be had for any extended period of time as a start. It’s always recommended to add a peg of garlic to the brew. Be reminded that cerasee can raise your pressure, while garlic lowers it.

  32. Hi Anthea

    What is the recommended way to take “Dog Blood” for Fibroids?
    How long should i put the leaves to dry?

  33. Its best to drink it as a tea. The drier the leaves the better, so if you can wait till they have turned completely to a brown colour thats good enough. All the best!

  34. i have fibriods they are very large an i would like to shrink natrualy what type of brush i can drink

  35. i really need to get pregnant how can you help me where are you located do you ave a contact number i can reach you on

  36. Dear Kerry,
    Thank you for writing in.
    Information regarding this has been posted on this site. Please contact the herbalist team at for further assistance, if the information available is in sufficient for you.

  37. can i drink cerasee while pregnant so that my baby skin and hair quality will be good ? as i was advised by my doctor not 2 do so but was told my many other pregnant women that i can because they had done it!

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