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For media, printed and online, paginators are critical. They process reports, text or photographs into a format to allow the reader access to that information

The description of a paginator in the media must not be confused with paginators of pagination systems (Electronic Pagination System Operators).
Throughout the media, printed and online, paginators are critical.
It is the paginator that processes and applies all reports, whether text or photographs into a format to allow the reader access to that information, and more importantly with something tangible to keep as their own records.
The form is usually what is known to ‘John Public’ as a page or web page.
Printed pages are usually compiled into magazines, newsletters, books, or newspapers for ‘John Public’.

CHILDREN'S OWN PAGE planned by a Gleaner paginator. For more, please click links below

Please see publishing house for Children’s Own.

The paginator’s tools to create the page or web page are mainly computer, creativity and of course the elements. Software can vary from Quark Express, InDesign or even Microsoft is used.
Templates are critical tool as it becomes necessary to have uniformity across the pages, even though each page is designed differently. Items such as page numbers, page sizes, font usage are kept consistent with the use of templates.
To become a paginator, one must have discipline, especially when employed to a mediahouses, as deadlines and hours can vary and be very tedious. The basic qualifications are a degree in English and Design.
In some mediahouses such as the Gleaner Company or in Jamaica on a whole, the career paginator also fills the post of a career subeditor and that means higher demands on the persons intellectual resources.
The salary ranges as per media house, and in some instances is based on publications, qualifications.
Basic salary can begin at $60,000 per month that is after tax is withdrawn.
This can be deemed very low when considering the demands and risks involved. It therefore is necessary to develop a love affair with text, design, media before venturing in this field. otherwise it is recommended to enter with a plan perhaps to only prepare to commit a few years not more than three to this field.
After three years most paginators are considered to have arrived into full maturity, and ready for either promtion or to be trainers of others themselves although one never stops learning new tricks. in this field.

Creativity at work for May, childs month
Salary scale for Paginators according to US scale

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