Bryan McFarlane, right, with Josef 'Joe' Bogdanovich

Bryan McFarlane sets pace in Kingston art tourism at R hotel

Bryan McFarlane sets pace in Kingston art tourism at R hotel

Recently government’s tourism and culture representatives, global businesspersons, revered entertainers and art enthusiasts were enveloped in a potpouri of Visual Arts titled ‘New Beginnings’ by Bryan McFarlane. The show also presented another opportunity for Curator Jonathon Greenland to realise his ambition for the visual arts tourism of Kingston.
The show was executed at Kingston’s newest business hotel the only ‘extended stay corporate ‘R” located just across from Fly Jamaica airways in New Kingston.
Owner of the prestigious corporate R hotel already supports the artists at his leading restaurant Redbones, where he allows several artists to mount exhibitions. The most recent award-winning Jamaican architect, Evan Williams, through the exhibition embraces the compliment of the Visual arts painter to the business world, to offer a package for his guests.

Bryan McFarlane and Johnathon Greenland chose just 13 pieces to mount in honour of the prolific Gene Pearson, as their combined contribution to Jamaica’s business of visual art tourism. So, the show is the first to be held in the Gene Pearson Gallery.

McFarlane’s 13 pieces evoked passion and hope and included ‘Silk Road’ 2016, ‘Bicycle’ 2015; ‘Like the Weather’ 2019; ‘Egg Plant’; ‘Nesting’; ‘Love Span’. The exhibition of these works is poised to enhance business offerings of Kingston as it flows from the old world to the new, the Eastern world to the Western world.
A professional art teacher, Bryan McFarlane is internationally known and respected, and now demonstrates his experiences and expertise through his work as much as he gives commentary, if the viewer can truley receive the messages.

McFarlane brings art lovers and enthusiasts like entertainment guru Joe who supported the opening on March 9, to a new dawn, but yet noone is at the first square. The work energises and inspires one to relax in a business setting so thoughts can flow.
Through ‘Silk Road’ he comments on his global travels from East to West, and he hopes to nest the trade of these countries into the business hub of Kingston, as capital of Jamaica. The range of colours from sombre to vibrant, the shapes and their gesticulations in this oil painting makes us consider multiple opportunities when East meets West for business. It’s a fusion of ideas headed to a modern day climate of business undertakings that promises success for all.
‘Bicycle’ is a fragmented work, but not disoriented. Rather McFarlane is leading business minds into grasping endless possibilities in rearranging a combination of varied ideas to achieving many purposes.
Walking around the room from one’s right is a journey through pieces of the past world, imaginations, abstractions into a sure future. It’s easy to grasp the concepts and apply them.
Some of the works the artist plays with contours and textures reminisce of clouds, and how they seem to burst when overly saturated. There is a trilogy worth viewing, as much as the ‘Untitled’ oil work, which spirals from nothingness to everything.

McFarlane summarises his thoughts through ‘Like the Weather’, and he refers to his Maroon descent. So if truth be told all the mounted pieces come together to portray the critical new beginnings just as time changes, and we overcome tides to glide across rainbows. Be it slavery, holocaust, or warfare, periods of turmoils are common to mankind. We are reminded in ‘McFarlane’s ‘New Beginnings’ that there is always room to reconnect, readjust and start a new journey.
‘New beginnings’ therefore puts us on a stage to revolve to success after understanding and working through our darkest periods as humans. Regardless of our nation.

The show opened March 9, 2019 and runs till April 13th, 2019 – the official closing ceremony.

Bryan McFarlane’s New Beginnings in Kingston

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