Art and Tourism meet for business in Bryan McFarlane’s New Beginnings

Jamaica’s art scape is once again becoming the place to explore creative minds and skills. The country is at the brink of celebrating its independence, and for sure tourism and culture head have successfully launched new ways to pull global citizens to our shores.
An animation festival now runs from April 5-7, a collaborative effort between Jamaica and the world Bank.
Finally we are taking cues from First world Citizenry with enough experience, skills and clout to project us into a world where the value of Visual Arts is recognised as critical to progress.
So then international acclaimed Bryan McFarlane now showcases an exhibition with difference.

Professor Bryan McFarlane, centre, with curator Johnathon Greenland, left, and Even Williams, right

The exhibition is trifocal.
On one hand it celebrates and honour the lifes work of Gene Pearson in the newly opened gallery by that name at the R-Hotel.
On the other hand it exposes a fresh understanding of how art and tourism meet for business, while inspiring creativity in thought.
Then it is the launch the Gene Pearson gallery itself, of Kingston’s newest and only extended stay corporate business hotel.

More at Bryan McFarlane’s Brya McFarlane ‘New Beginnings’

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