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Buju Banton almost ‘framed’ again, just a thought

I say an apology to Buju Banton as a Jamaican National is not enough.


So on your first visit to Trinidad, your room gets searched based on intelligence of police.
Yeah wow, right.
Then you get an apology, from the Trinidad and Tobagian Police Commissioner.

Yeah wow, right

I bet in your mind you are thinking.. hmmm maybe my government should use this opportunity to make some money for Jamaica — like sue TT government for what their loyal subjects did to a loyal citizen of Jamaica… Hmmmmm Sure even those anti Buju readers will agree.. What say you CARICOM?
I say an apology to Buju Banton as a Jamaican National is not enough.

Then someone takes me on and tells me its a legal search, after a Judge signed warrant.

Yeah right, wow.

My response is
While I appreciate dialogue, reactions and communications responder, You clearly miss my point… no wonder we have a culture of arrest and charge first without little, insufficient or no investigations- although such actions are from so called investigators- and then ask questions later …. do YOU even have confirmation that a Judge signed off on such warrant, and the basis for such signatures… ‘responder’ … so my question is why are overzealous, arbitrary behaviour patterns of the police tolerated while real criminals are not even glanced at… throughout the Caribbean.. defamation, bias.. etc A SUH BUJU FUUUL FIH DISS COME OUTTA JAIL AND LAND A COUNTRY WEH HOMOSEXUALITY ALLOWED AND JUS GIT UP AN PUT IMSELF AT RISK BY DOING SOMETHING THAT WARRANTS A TIP OFF FI SEARCH.. Lawwd just glad they didnt see him when they first went.. and he was smart enough not to be ‘framed’ by planters. Just saying as a Jamaican myself!

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