Jamaica Deportee reviews Joan Williams ‘Tour Jamaica’ book

BOOK: Tour Jamaica (Your comprehensive travel guide and dictionary)
AUTHOR: Joan Williams
PAGES: 184
PUBLISHED BY: Another Yard

Early B has a song One Wheel Wheelie and like David Weller and Xavier Miranda, I cycled through the pages of Joan William’s Tour Jamaica and my Poker face was replaced that of a grinning Cheshire puss! What we want to create is not just a park but a relationship with the sea.Sea, sand, sex, beach, weed!I hope the sweet sarcasm permeates the walls of the cranium and gives one a mellow high!I scratch my head in amazement when I hear what we are now known for. A country which depends on tourism is setting itself up for a fall.

We beam when we hear the benefits of Bob Marley’s music and his fans and family makes it known as if there would be no Jamaica if there were no Bob! Such high falut in arrogance. No sane farmer employs a fox to guard his chickens! And with that warning, we need to have a shepherd acting as true guardians of our truly and most blessed land. You don’t put alcohol in your baby’s bottle; you don’t put sugar in a car; you don’t bite the kindness of the hand that feeds you. You don’t dry or put your baby in a microwave. You just don’t simply do it.Some days I do not watch nor read any news. I simply turn on the tube and pleasure myself through light hearted events such as sports and music videos.

The crib of growing lies annoyingly bawls only to be fed the nipple bottle of understanding by the gullible people.The end of days never came in 2000. But we are living in the end of days. We are gullible primed for a saviour and that’s how we are going to get our asses and souls trapped in this cosmic reality game show. No, this is more serious than Jeopardy! This is no birthday sex, because the candles of condoms will fail to glow on our limp libido as we weakly shovel down our given reality!

What is reality? There is no reality. Reality is like a coma strapped down by harnesses in a run down mental health hospital –Bellevue comes to mind. Tin milk and Milo to be fed to sanity for her herding its insane cousin through the barricaded doors of Hades. The good if you see any is propped up, a stiff breeze of adversity. How long will Jamaicans stand aside in the face of outrageous, criminal behavior and reason it away as someone else’s problem? Do not talk to me of gunmen and corruption. Do not speak to me about Jamaica’s and God’s love for this country.

Joan Williams’ Tour Jamaica’ brings back to focus the undenied beauty, the sparkling people because as we know, the majority of Jamaicans make this country proud. Here comes a comprehensive Travel Guide and Dictionary.

Do not attempt to lie and justify to me these despicable crimes; this casual murder of women and children, this forced starvation, this denial of medical treatment, this destruction of a people …all while engineering the events that justify the bloody reactions. I see. You see we all are to o blame for the indiscipline which bleeds us dry.Joan Williams’ Tour Jamaica’ brings back to focus the undenied beauty, the sparkling people because as we know, the majority of Jamaicans make this country proud. Here comes a comprehensive Travel Guide and Dictionary. I, myself, feel like a tourist as many of the places I have never been and I was in awe as I glossed through the pages and seeing the beautiful scenes.The author, Joan Williams is a licensed real estate broker and a highly rated columnist. She also has the distinction of co-hosting Perkins-On-Line! This is the second edition of Tour Jamaica and her other notable publications include Back A Yard ( Numbers One to Six) and The Original Dancehall Dictionary.

My belly rumbled as I tasted the spicy food rising from the pages and thanks to Joan, I am ravished. After reading, I need to.. I want to see and know more about my island.! The sea breeze floated on land, tugged at shirt tails and skirts .The many trees were forced in a beautiful way to do the ‘dirty wine’ as they bowed to the pleasure of the wind.The lamp lit area was the perfect ambience for a Fish and Beer lime as the music complemented and complimented the settings.

The nineteen tents proudly stood, their white canvasses gleaming in the night. Offering shelter to crafts and souvenirs and food, they were altars of treasure. The aroma of roasted and boil corn wafted upwards. Steam fish married with okras and bammies swum around tickling the nostrils with aroma. To the right of the lushly-grassed park stood a solitary wooden building, looking as quaint as a Westmoreland house, it was aptly named Nanny’s Craft Village which was being administered by Things Jamaican. This book gives is a behind the scene a symbiotic relationship of the green area, the sea and the Jamaican people. Joan Williams has banked on the precious real estate of Jamaica and it’s most treasured commodity-its people to bring to life the sights and sounds of this land of Wood and water.An easy, entertaining read. It is only 184 pages. Pictures, funny illustrations and cartoons augment the book and you will find yourself giggling…yes I did say giggle!This book reminds me of a Wikipedia in hard copy.

It brings stats and facts and it was well researched. Our language-patois- is so dynamic and she points her ruler to phrases and colloquial expressions for the tourist to really understand Jamaica during his or her stay.This book will be a constant companion for me and thank you Joan for his free copy and I will be rummaging through the pages to unearth more of the sweetness of this precious land which has escaped me. This book is a certified boom shot! We most certainly need a Brawta.

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