Dance, Trance spins the bottle

We all know the game ‘Spin The Bottle’, but rather than being caught up in a myriad of confusing explanation, let’s get ‘naughty’ on the dance floor! Mixed by 3rd Dimensions, led by the blazing Fahrenheit, this is a lesson for partygoers and for club deejays as well!It’s 1:38 pm on Easter Sunday afternoon and I have no liquour, I have no partner, but what I have is some serious dance remix. I draw the blinds and the light from the TV plays the role of the strobe lights and I am in business tapping out these words and I am rocking!When last have you visited a club in Jamaica? It is usually the same facsimile , yes I said it. A carbon copy, a duplicate of many clubs. Less club music is played and more demoticutterances by ‘deaf mutes’ with a headphone shouting vulgar comments. The exiguous sugar ration of dance music on the Jamaican landscape is as infrequent as fully clothed ladies in a club. Yes, we could say it is inadequate and insufficient in the club scene. The puny mixes and remixes which pass off as wicked selections are limited and modest at best. Here is a CD showing aspiring Deejays and club goers what music is all about.It’s a Friday night, the need of a work week and you can feel the capillaries pumping the relief of excitement through your veins. Tonight’s gonna be a good night as you and friends hit the club, the strobe lights, the flashing dance moves, the thick crowd, the alcohol drunks the and you can sing.. I got the feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night!” The in between of winter and spring often brings runny eyes and noses. Dance music, house music or whatever music set to pulsating, throbbing beats and synthesized screaming vocals are he bread and butter of club music. It’s 1:30 on the clock don’t stop.. make it rock and the. The prefix re is very sexy if not bubbly! It basically mans with respect to, relating to etc. Rewind, reintroduce, reinvigorate, remix or whatever you chose, lemme raze your consciousness with some wicked remix dance tunes. Hip hop, country, rock all pay homage to the dace mix and it will leave you intoxicated and stumbling even mumbling the thunderous beats which are paraded which shake the cochlea.

Even Dancehall is represented in the form of Shabba Ranks.. chune! Music of today is more geared towards a melody and less on lyrics so it is quite befitting and befittingly appropriate that club music should stress the heavy beat mix as opposed tolyrics. From the contemporary to the mid 90s, this CD mix shows love and not even a cup of tea on a hot summer’s day can cool down the fire which will ignite the feet of mere mortals transforming them into zombies totally controlled by the powerful and rhythmic badoonka beats!When a farmer sharpens his file, a rasping sound is usually heard. Within the context of aclub, with pounding bass lines, swaying bodies, outstretched arms , eyes wide shut, all receiving the message from the pounding beat. Kanye West’s favourite artiste Taylor Swift is there with her country hit as well as Kings of Leon. The Latino sensation Pitbull tears it up with his megahits and man, you will have to do well enough to be kept on leash. Old faves such as ‘What is Love’ by Hathaway brings back memories of a youthful and innocent past. Shabba Ranks husky voice barks commands and he rides the beat as no one else can.I am gonna dance my way outta here and exclaim that I felt as if I were the bottle being spun and indeed did I spin!

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