Allman Town Primary 2017 Grade 6 students work enthustiastically on their designs, thoughts and tiles.

Students of Allman Town Primary Grade Six work hard on tiles for upcoming art and craft exhibition on July 3rd, 2017.

Call to Jamaican Diasporans support OAaSIS in schools

Call to Jamaican Diasporans support OAaSIS in schools

OAaSIS seeks the support of Jamaican Diasporans to get involved with institutions in partnering with private Jamaicans. The government has set projects where Diasporans can log in and support, but several private entities exist.
OAaSIS International Foundation is one such.
Volunteers go into primary schools and teach arts.
Not only is physical support, actual visits called for but materials are needed.
A materials list is posted on the website and donations are now being accepted which can be given directly to any of the locations or to the Foundation directly.

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