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ART CAREER: Art critic

The art critic is one of the most sought after persons in this creative field. For one, its always good to have someone to bounce your ideas on. On the other hand, critics sometimes reflect the views of the public or potential client.

Editorial: Jamaica Poetry in motion

Is it only at “certain times” we as Jamaicans will claim being descendants of Africans — BLACK! Technically there is no half black, But maybe some of our athletes are descendants of Kenya’s Kalenjin tribe
Whether for fun, or for money, perhaps Jamaica could develop a sport where we have races against humans.
I think we should race athletes beginning with Bolt against horses then … then cheetahs!
He’s African, HES young, flesh and BLACK!!

Editorial: Jamaica’s tourism, art, culture and map to success

On August 6, the day of Jamaica’s Independence, the day started prayerfully at Jamaica House. Among the items, which held attendees and watchers in prayerful reverence, and retrospect were the St John’s Primary students who encouraged all to “Follow the m-a-p”.
The item cleverly put together was a call for Jamaicans to be mindful of Jamaica’s Motto, Anthem, Pledge.
…main participants along the North Coast of Jamaica were observed, and had a chance too to share their views on tourism and art as a combined Jamaican product.

Editorial comment: Art to Heart

I take art, all expressions very seriously. Professor Rex Nettleford was one of the critical elements of my education. I had him as a tutor for creative writing.
Professor Rex Nettleford would say it is the artists who see beyond the natural and interpret and translate for others to be able to relate and they themselves understand.