Congrats Jamaica’s Deigwht Peters of Saint Models!

Congrats Deigwht Peters of Saint Models on your contribution in heightening the stock of the Jamaican fashion industry!

Congratulations are in order for the strides taken by Deigwht Peters over the past 17 years. In 2000, Deiwght Peters had a vision, and started his journey with a thirst to see Jamaican models at the pinnacle of the fashion world. It’s 2017, and Jamaica truley has impacted the world world with a new generation of Jamaican models and fashion led by Peters.

17 years ago, at a time when youthful Jamaicans were getting frustrated with the biases associated with a career in modelling in Jamaica, Deiwght Peters dared and successfully launched a new era of fashion.

Over the years the industry with associated careers in Jamaica literally metamorphasised, as Peters engrafted his variation on the already branching tree of Jamaica fashion.

The stock of models leaving Jamaica, and the calibre of Jamaica original designs has heightened since the introduction of the Saints.

Saint International is a boutique-style fashion model agency and diversed lifestyle media, communication and television production company based in Kingston, Jamaica. The company has several divisions including Model Management, Event Production, Lifestyle Grooming Institute. More on Saints models

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