Dancehall duo DNS finishes up videoshoot

Dancehall’s young duo Dohlance & Saylah, DNS, on Sunday completed the video shoot for their latest single “Love Mama” produced by Young Veterans Productions.

Dancehall’s young duo Dohlance & Saylah otherwise known as DNS on Sunday completed the video shoot for their latest single “Love Mama” which was produced by Young Veterans Productions.

Directed by Karl Durrant it took place in two days, across several locations. The first being was the garrison community of Samacan, Waterhouse where the duo performed the single and featured extra’s including two young boys (playing the role of DNS as youngsters) with a pregnant mother who was present in the featured in a scene.

ICEY JACE PHOTO: Video Director Karl Durrant flanked by Dohlance (Left) and Saylah (Right) of DNS.

The second location was lavish mansion with an extended balcony and showroom with the sun setting in the backdrop, in the uptown residential hills of Cherry Gardens. Here, DNS again shun in reenacting a scene with their real life mother at the dream mansion on the hills. Then it was back to the streets for the final location in Duhaney Park, where the duo currently resides.

In the new single DNS pays tribute to the hard working and committed mothers of today and according to the duo’s manager Nathaniel “Pahma G” Palmer who was also on set the video is expected to reintroduce DNS to the market. “With this video we looking to achieve some visibility and increased promotion, based on what I observed at the shoot over the weekend Jamaica is going to be blown away by the talent of this young duo, the song is an international hit”.

Dohlance & Saylah (DNS) – LOVE MAMA

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