Errands in and around Jamaica by local Jamaicans

More Jamaicans are offering services to assist Diaspora members in accomplishing simple tasks around Jamaica, regardless of where they reside overseas.
The latest company operates

Our A-team here on serves you more than just errands. The team member are qualified and experienced in a variety of fields such as legal, investigation, research, search.

We are not about filling in forms only.
We never need to pretend we are attorneys because e have attorneys who work with us at reasonable fees.

We do not take work from agents abroad,we do the work ourselves and so our fees are comparative, as much as the quality of our work is dynamic. Want to know more.

Whats more is we complete your unfinished tasks you may be forced to leave behind on your short budgeted visit.

Brings us to the latest role:
Prison visits and drop offs…. we’d prefer if you avoided wrongful run ins with the law. If you or your relative still ended up imprisoned, call us and we’ll help, until its necessary and feasible for you to come.
We also outsource personnel for you.. so you cant complain if your child does not have a private tutor.

Get more info through experience. Call or email us NOW.

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... a team of professional experts, mostly Jamaicans, from varied fields including as priority paralegal, investigation, research, real estate, construction, arts (literary, visual, performing, culinary) and entertainment, certified Attorneys (civil and criminal law). Information is researched, then published, on this site, in the interest of the wider public.
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