Finally, a movie on Jamaican sniper Lee Boyd Malvo

The film revisiting the period of DC sniper murders in Maryland and Virginia 10 years ago by Jamaican Malvo and…

If you are like me… you probably, just probably wondered how comes our Kingston-born Malvo has not captured the screens already. Not a promoter of crime or anything, but just a warm blooded Jamaican thinking, ME expecting that with the way America is about sensationaling everything including a block of ice once it has hit major news, I wondered how comes the story of Lee Boyd Malvo did not make film.
Well ten years later – IT HAS, bringing yet another Jamaican to the halls of eternal fame. It may be sad for some and detrimental for others.. but Jamaicans are known to find their way in everything good, bad or indifferent so being made a notorious murderer– a movie was in order for Malvo. Aahh Well!

In Alexander Moors-directed Blue Caprice, the cleverness of Jamaicans is revealed in its telling of a shooting spree by an uneasy Kingston-born teen captivated by a crazy coach John Lee Muhammad. Upon meeting the two in Antigua one year before the shooting spree, Muhammad, a former United States Marine assisted the two to illegally enter the US where Malvo stayed in Tacoma, Washington with Muhammad.

The film revisiting the period of DC sniper murders in Maryland and Virginia 10 years ago, premieres subsequent month during a Sundance Film Festival in Utah. The premiere occurs 9 years after Muhammad and Malvo initial seemed in Federal justice in a state of Virginia where 5 of a shootings took place between Oct 2 and 22, 2002.

Ten persons were killed and 3 harmed. Ten years ago as the story broke, international media came fishing for bits on Malvo’s roots – just how a backward child from humble beginnings grew up to be a cold-blooded murderer. Interviews were conducted with teachers during his propagandize in St Ann, his mom and absentee father.

At the end of the real life journey, Muhammad found guilty in March 2004 was condemned to genocide in 2005, and in 2009 died by fatal injection. Malvo, just 17 during the shootings, was condemned to life in jail in December 2003, is still serving time at Red Onion State Prison in Virginia.

In Blue Caprice, the role of Malvo is filled by star of a radio sitcom Everybody Hates Chris, Tequan Richmond, while, Isaiah Washington (from Grey’s Anatomy, Love Jones) represents Muhammad. The part of Una James, Malvo’s mother is played out by Tony Award winner April Yvette Thompson.

The soundtrack for Blue Caprice features Pablo Inna the Yard, a song by Jamaican musician Addis Pablo, son of renowned musician/producer Augustus Pablo.


Alexander Moors is popular for Estelle among other productions.

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