Garrisons in Jamaica: Will the clean hands clap?

A culture of crime and violence? 15 garrisons in Jamaica: 11 belong to PNP. There has been no sustained political will to dismantle these garrison

It is interesting that while many wail and travail over JLP’s involvement and cry for a change in political parties, they are doing so overlooking dare I say that there are 15 powerful garrisons, with 11 of them belonging to the PNP.
“At various points in Jamaica

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2 thoughts on “Garrisons in Jamaica: Will the clean hands clap?

  1. Almost all Jamaican men are thieves, or rapists, or murderers, or a combination of those. They rob, rape and kill, children, women and men, on a daily basis and for the last couple of decades.

    This goes through all levels of society. The poor, the rich, the illiterate, the “educated” and especially for those, trying to run the country “legally” or illegally.

    There is no respect, no love and no trust.

    Jamaicans, especially the vast majority of Jamaican men, are not in any position to turn the country into something good.

    Even if a few Jamaicans would attempt to do so, they would need to fear for their lives, as well as for the lives of their families including their children.

    There are no grounds in Jamaica to launch anything sustainable at all.

    A vast majority of Jamaicans does not trust any of their “authorities” and they cannot be blamed for their mistrust, as there is almost no trustworthy person or organization.

    Jamaica is no position to overcome this situation by itself.

    In all fairness, outside powers, mainly the U.S.A. and the U.K. are highly responsible for the incredible misery, self destruction and the suffering of the Jamaican people, for the past couple of decades.

    Therefore, the best way to go, would be to ask for, or if necessary, even demand foreign support. They are to be held responsible as well and they are the only ones at this time to solve this situation.

    Let them de-criminalize the country, implement sustainable infrastructure with the focus on education and development, for a limited time but for as long as it is required, to secure that Jamaicans finally are able to run their country in peace, so all Jamaicans, especially their children have a fair chance to live their life in peace and happiness. Give Jamaican children a real chance so they can establish a strong independent nation full of love, respect and trust and live peacefully with each other and other people and nations.

  2. Thanks for this great post. It does bare a lot of truths. However please see my comments and other articles as this calls for more than just OVERSEAS intervention.

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