For Jamaica Andrew Holness has been sworn in as leader of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), youngest Prime Minister worldwide at 39 years old. As the world watches Jamaicans exciting themselves therefore about pending general elections the real question is how efficient will the former Education minister be as a student teacher, and principal in governing the country.

Yaddda yadda yadda, what’s new? The Bruce-led ‘Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)’ supposedly failed. Strangely the criticing tongues are not wagging about People’s National Party (PNP) errors like the forgotten 21 million loans and 18 years just over – raising a criminal in the front yard of Jamaica – Kingston. Truth is for any action by one party there is an equal and not always opposite reaction by the other. Jamaica is ‘a’ same plaid cloth of green, orange blue like our National Bandana.
NOW ALL eyes are on Andrew Holness.

Jamaica Andrew Holness sworn in as youngest prime minister worldwide at 39 years old

What will he choose as the ‘Holness’ Way for his classroom, the government and the overall school of Jamaica? It should also be – how can I as a Jamaican play a role in the governance of my country from where I am positioned? Aaahh well!!!
I don’t cliam to be a political analysis, but I do love my country and have highest regards for my fellow Jamaicans, especially having interacted with other nationals personally.
I am very aware of the ‘minteen’ reasons Jamaicans throw negative criticism towards Andrew Holness especially since the Dudus saga – a scapegoat in my opinion. I personally believe that all Jamaica, and especially the nay sayers and ‘critics’ – are to share blame for any criminal saga, and especially the Dudus saga, but I wont go there just this article.
I am interested in where my country can go, and I spend time listening to many persons of pasion for their country, here, abroad, old, young, experienced, dumb, ignorant. Where there is passion not pure emotion I strive to go and …
I take notes, as I research and although a big task, governing Jamaica should be no rocket scientists. The notes are then, where necessary processed through the mechanisms and knowledge of the three arms of country governance – executive, legal and political system. Intersting how they came about, and structured per country-by-country. BUT LET’s TIME OUT FOR JAMAICA! Let’s just zoom in on a practical way and allow he big leagues, and expert ‘poltical analysists to run with the agenda of why this and that cannot work.
Now that Andrew Holness is PM, many wrongs are being revealed. Here’s a Gleaner LINK on his poor track record as House Leader.
He’s still however, knighted principal, and student teacher all at once, officially since yesterday, October 23, 2011. Ideally, it’s time for Jamaica to wise up about the political parties in Jamaica and CHOOSE Jamaica – so hence giving any and all leaders the drill, the same way they are put through the mill.
Listening to loyals, critics, die hards from major polical parties – JLP and PNP, is never pointless if you can process and put them in perspective. We must choose Jamaica. Personally, I do not beleive Jamaicans are ready to be divided as both parties need restructuring to the point where it will be a matter of public or private school towards the same result.
Andrew Holness is first of all a Jamaican – intelligent and creative. Then he is among the top of classifications of Jamaicans – having been schooled up to terertiary level, and with a vast experience and exposure with the Jamaican people at varied levels. Among his hobbies is a good game of chess, that’s all about strategy and victory. Then for approximately 14 years he garnered at least some expertise with governance – as a Labourite.
Having met Andrew personally, I am confident in characteristics observed in him – as a man, and it is my hope that PNP, or JLP he will continue to choose Jamaica.
There are many ways he can assess and govern and get the mechanisms of both parties all oiled up and working for the benefit, then whether it be a mater of public or private school it will all be towards Jamaica defining itself and acheiving its true worth.
Here are just a few examples of how to rule in brown – mixing JLP green and the PNP orange. Some of which are points made by ‘average’ Jamaicans:
As a student teacher Holness could take notes from a number of Jamaicans, senior politicans and observation of first world countries government system.
1. MIKE BROOKS: A panel of journalist, with sound knowledge of politics, legal and execurive arms to do weekly debates with guest politicians. Information from this could be applied to the curriculum of sixth form students.
2. ME: All Jamaicans aborad should pay taxes. On one hand they will shoulder more responsibility, they will be better watchdogs. On the other hand, more income for Jamaica, and better preparations can be made for their return ‘in their senior years’. More first rate country, entrpreneurial skills and educated Jamaicans can have a better input and influence.
3. CONSIDER the positives having the world’s youngest Prime Minister – what are the implications beyond our local political way of thinking with ways already carved by musicians, athletes etc. Will Andrew develop a ‘holnesstic’ approach to applying the achievements, possibilities, potential in mining Jamaica’s progress? Can he follow on the head start made by Hillary Clinton in recent CARICOM forum? Read THIS LINK!

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Andrew Sworn in at THIS LINK

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