Hilary V Wong a stalwart soldier leaves legacy of love

August 8th, 2017 by Anthea | Print Hilary V Wong a stalwart soldier leaves legacy of love

Death is inevitable, but then there are times when its hard to accept the death of someone who seemed almost supernatural.

An army man, Hilary V Wong was such a Jamaican and will be honoured by those who knew him personally.

I only learnt of his death (January 30th, 2017) on August 8th, 2017, although I suspected it when his frequent communications stopped and there was no longer responses from any of his phones.

As with other deaths, I felt as though seams inside were being ripped.

I remain strong when I think of how his strength through his illness made all around him stronger even in anticipating his death in silence.

Hilary V Wong long live your memories as the journeys you begun to realise your vision for your family, for Jamaica are kept alive by those who will carry on the baton you now have passed on.

The baton is heavy as there are many challenges as big as your footsteps to fill. Your kindness, your inner peace, your joy, your discipline, your abilities as a keen listener, your wisdom and so much more. Still remembering you as a stalwart soldier led by love and discipline makes it light to carry to the finish line.

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your world. May your family who emits your love, and loyalty to decency be comforted and strengthened. Isaiah 25 v 3.

Obituary on Hilary V Wong


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