How to find a good Jamaican furniture builder?

How to find a good Jamaican furniture builder

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QUESTION: Dear Shakka,
I am from Beverley Hills and need some furniture built. I have been to Courts, but from I lived in London, I heard about Jamaicans being the best furniture builders. How do I find a good furniture specialist?
Sonia Parchment

RESPONSE: Dear Sonia
Finding a good furniture specialist is never always easy, It is harder if you are not keen what’s happening in that field, but you can ask the person or persons to show you some of their previous work, NO PHOTO. You can also ask for some reference just to be sure. You need to check on how the person finishes his job and how reliable he is.
The kind of material used in the making furniture is absolutely important so be sure you get the desired material you pay for and not some inferior quality material passed off like the real one.
Comparing prices is good ,but remember cheaper don”t necessarily mean better.
Another thing try to visit the contractor even once before the job is finished so you can see the materials use before the job is complete.

Thanks Sonia.
All the best!


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My expertise as a furniture builder for over 20 years influences my skill as a photographer. Both demand a true sense of the subject, awareness of client needs, eye for detail and proper finishing, understanding of design and construction. They both take me across Jamaica to various strata of society, homes and lives as I interact with people. BUT don't be surprised to see a bit of my writing here. Click here to contact Anthea. ...or email me here

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