Ja poet colours thoughts, souls, minds with musical notes

Gordon who is highly creative as a musician, singer and poet, says he discovered his musical talent from age 4 years old, and his writing skills during his teens

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2 thoughts on “Ja poet colours thoughts, souls, minds with musical notes

  1. Jermaine! I’m so speechless right now, I shouldn’t be, I know you were talented from Bull Bay days, you were this tiny little thing who used to play the drum. I remember this song you used to sing, I LIVE A LIFE ALL FREE FROM SIN. reading up one you brings back those memories, Yes you have to live those life for God to be blessing you like this for you to be a blessing onto other. you are not yet in heaven and you already have STARS ON YOUR CROWN. A lot of people maybe watching you, but GOD’S eyes are watching you more. I’m so proud of you and proud to be one of your friend. Luv yah!!!!

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