JAMAICA COVID-19 WATCH: How Coronavirus works your body down so…


Watch these videos on how Corona breaks down your body, and how to avoid it. Dr Vuong also gives tips on how to avoid corona.

Doctor Vuong demonstrates how the Covid 19 breaks down the lungs

How to avoid Corona from your house and family

COMMON SYMPTOMS which could just be flu in these flu season
dry cough, chills, body aches esp back aches and low back pain, loss of sense of smell and taste, fever is not important but still pay attention to low grade fever
DO Isolate

DUE to ancedotal reports iboprofen and advil is not recommended, but tylenol, panadol, etc

Important points to note to fight off corona:
On reaching home, please wash all your clothes, wipe down anything you touch, lather your whole body

Detox your lungs

NB: This is not professional medical advice to be relied upon soley or meant to replace medical doctors.

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