Jamaica Creative minds get aid in preparing Artist Statement

The best artist’s statement is authentic, written in the artist’s own voice, using the ‘first person’, in a language which is easily understood, and accessible.


ALL JAMAICAN ARTISTS (visual, literary, performing, culinary), need to have an ARTIST STATEMENT. Especially visual and literary artists!!!!


… an insight into the artist’s work and the reason and how it came about. It really is a brief summary of what an artist would say in order to explain their own work in person to others. It is written and focuses on the present with reference to information from the past that may be relevant.

The best artist’s statement is authentic and is written in the artist’s own voice, using the ‘first person’, in a language which is easily understood, and accessible. It usually is 2 paragraphs long, but can be longer depending on situation it is being used for.

ARTIST STATEMENTS are required for several purposes including:

* Approaching a Gallery
* Artwork in an Exhibition
* Artwork on the Internet
* Biography
* Exhibition Catalogue
* Exhibition Proposal
* Curator Proposal
* Entry Form for a Juried Competition
* Grant Proposal
* Introducing yourself to prospects
* Press Release
* Promotional Brochure
* Public Speaking Opportunities
* Talking to Clients at a Private View
* Sales Presentation by an Agent
* Writing a Letter about your Art
* Your Artist’s Blog
* Your Verbal Introduction
* Your Website


A good artist statement supports the artist’s professional practice, by for example:
* Giving brief information to support an exhibition or catalogue
* Submitting a proposal
* Applying for a grant
Artist statements should therefore be:
* Concise
* Effective in communicating the details you wish to emphasize
* Written in the first person
* Written primarily in the present tense



An official artist profiler page is needed for the catalogue on location for all exhibiting artists. This is a standard design done specifically for this location, and hence one must pay between J$1500-J$2000 to get it done. Information recquired are profile, artist statement and images. For this purpose, only 1-2 paragraphs of artist statement is required.
Just in case you do not have documents needed for this or other galleries, exhibitions, media etc, you can get them done with the team of write lovers. See prices below of a few services!

Biography – Ja$2500 (one page)
Biography and artworks in brief and layout Ja$2500 (one page)
Biography and artworks FULL – JA$5,000 (two-three pages total)
Total pr kit for media/exhibition – JA$7,000
Editing assistance – JA$1000 per page
Artist statement preparation – JA$2500 per page (critique, layout,article processing and preparation)
Minor editing – JA$500 per page
Catalogue – JA$3,000 per page (layout, photography etc)

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    This is awesome!!! I am almost ready for you. Yu do have a vision and is as persistent as i am because we are passionate about what we do.THIS is the beginning of great thinks.
    The entire crew at Ahhh… Ras Natango Gallery and Garden!

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