Jamaican media cartoon and flag ‘politricks’

Where do we stand as a nation with this JAMAICA media cartoon? Should not mediapersons more than anything stand up for justice, brotherhood and truth – balance

Mediahouses in Jamaica are being read as they are supposed to keep persons updated and with a balanced approach. We are left to wonder about our upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations after a recent cartoon published in the Gleaner, supposedly the leading newspaper of the Caribbean, located in Jamaica.

Apparently they are taking the term of being a member of the Any Party In Power (APIP) too far, even at the expense of patriotism.

Has the media gone too far as members of the APIP?

Just a few points to ponder?
1. Another unnecessary blow at the JLP… should not this cartoon be about PROTOCAL of flag usage and FLAG RULES
2. Clearly a serious misunderstanding of true patriotism and flag politricks YET AGAIN
3. Where is the gloating PNP then who claims ‘ dem not affected’
4. With cartoons like these who needs a campaign manager?
5. Are you telling me that because ppl are hungry no one should defend their flag
6. Then WHY is the PNP not represented… WHY ONLY feature JLP…
7. Gotta wonder if the colour were say red, blue, even purple and JLP complained — what then will it still be of greedy JLPites grumbling

Where do we stand as a nation if this is the BEST our media cartoonist who should be CREATING balance does… ShOULD not mediapersons more than anything stand up for justice, brotherhood and truth – balance, patriotism. I wonder will they SUGGEST for Jamaicans to wear no green at upcoming Independence celebrations because gold is brighter.. ten strategically YELLOWs will be the order of the week! Dare I save my suit from now—GREEN, BLACK, GOLD!!
GROW UP! THIS IS NOT ABOUT JLP.. IT JUST underlines it because of CURRENT EVENTS… but beyond that is the real deal of PATRIOTISM.. Why aren’t FLAG RULES and PROTOCOL posted as the focus YET….

First ever flag design proposed for Jamaica.. Hmmmm!

There are no rules about the flag at the local level. And clearly the opportunity was not missed by the JLPNP to show their true interest – which seems to be oppose that which hurts them – not really what’s hurting the people. And alas the media too don’t miss either to show where their interest lies as well. But someday soon as they continue to serve themselves the people will continue to grow weary and tired of the games and get up. Like they did in two local government seats. So get ready for the real deal that’s coming soon. Just hope the rest of the country catches on early enough to stay sane after it hits. CCC, www.faceboo.com/CitizensCo
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2 thoughts on “Jamaican media cartoon and flag ‘politricks’

  1. WHILE we look forward to 50th anniversary celebrations….

    RESIGNATION of ‘protocol officer’
    National adultery and political symbols – Commentary – Jamaica Gleaner – Sunday | April 15, 2012
    Flag fiasco.. it took him nearly a week, but Noel Arscot finally did
    Denial of decorator’s claim
    Vulgar, says Andrew Holness

    AND ON FACEBOOK.. all hell broke loose
    Facilitators for Jamaica members wants more than an apology and an enquiry
    Speak Your Mind Jamaica members wants several actions including resignations
    … “Oh what a tangled web yuh weave,
    When out ah di flag di green yuh leave,
    Den blame di man yuh give di wuk,
    Sitting as Mayor an ah pass di buck,
    Even di blind si what’s up yuh sleeve,
    All di bullshit yuh waah di people believe,
    You really ah try tek di people fi fool?
    An doah even soun like yuh went to school?
    Hear wah, guh riva mout an watch di flow,
    Mendacious Mayor…pack yuh bags and go!!”

    Real Change for Jamaica members… just want to overlook this as a JLP passion
    Internationally, it almost went to a international disgrace.. so we stay abreast as to how PNP picks up the pieces and keeps they keys to the hearts of Jamaicans as w approach 50th anniversary celebrations.

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