Jamaica’s DIGICEL RISING STAR review August 21, 2016

Jamaica’s DIGICEL RISING STAR review August 21, 2016

AT LAST, the Olympics though sweet to the bones are over, and Digicel’s Rising Star is back. The contestants of the 13th staging of the Digicel’s Rising Star Show was narrowed to seven on August 21st, 2016 as K-SIS fell to the bottom of the voter favourites. They were no match for the fierceness of the Gifted One who was determined not to be sent home.

It was time for Gospels, one of the nights where emphasis is placed on connectivity with the audience. In addition to revealing the real talent, the night proved bland and maybe a tell tale sign of the contestants disconnection with their spiritual side.
Most if not all of the contestants were in their usual mill, and only a chosen few were convincing that they could find a range. Top of the list was ANE who fit the criteria of many for what gospel night should be like, and fittingly they were last to perform. They rendered ‘Operator, Give Me Jesus on the Line.’
Kudos to other contestants who convinced included Gifted One who moved away from his comfort zone to with Germaine Edward’s ‘Alleluia.’ TNT edged up from their last performance with a prayer.
Contestants in addition to adding creativity to their choices, needed a good range, strong vocals, knowledge of lyrics. An additional element for gospel night had to be connecting with the audience, but if truth be told unless you really have an experience, you really cant deliver much more to deliver with a ministering edge.


The harmony of the ANE sisters

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Nonetheless until Sunday, August 28th the votes will count for:
TEXT to vote by texting the numbers below to the Digicel number for the singers at right.
4445501 Kelly
4445502 Elton Erlington
4445503 TNT
4445504 Monica Gross
4445505 Gifted One
4445506 Chynn
4445507 ANE

NEXT DATE: Sunday, August 28, 2016

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