Karl Vernon, publicist helping rising stars to stay bright

As a journalist Karl Vernon wrote many reviews, opinion pieces, profiles, features bringing some artistes to fame – honing his skills as a publicist

Graduate of CARIMAC, where he studied mass communications. After that he spent at least five years at the Caribbeans leading newspaper as subeditor and photographer.
He eventually created a niche reporting on the world famous street dance party “Passa, Passa”.

Karl Vernon, from journalist to publicist

So here he is after featuring many artistes while a full time journalist, contributing to bringing them to a place of noted prominence. As a journalist he wrote many reviews, opinion pieces, profiles and features honing his skills as a publicist, as his work in the media contributed to the rise of some artistes. With this strong background in journalism – a combo of editing and writing, he’s just now operating from the other end of the rainbow of culture, creativity, arts in assisting his clients to fill their pots of gold. Under the name Dippy Deportee or Deportee, he still contributes articles to this site, but he now follows his passions to make prominent the faces of clients he choses.
Currently, he is in negotiations with one client destined to be a major deal, already creating tremors worldwide.
So Karl already has a network of mediahouses internationally connected with him, as he spurs on through the heart of the Diaspora. A prolific writer, his skills which include photography are simply undeniable and impacting, as he writes with a passion carved by a sense of humour and purpose. He’s got “good schmooze.”
Karl operates mainly as publicist, but also commits as booking agent, manager, public relations.
He makes you, as an artist/artiste (literary, visual, performing, culinary) in raw English – public, with his team of video producers and more.

Special areas of expertise:
(Listing taken from the award winning PR group)

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