Magnum cranks up first Christmas Party amidst rain drops

Magnum promoters had their fair chance to crank up the ‘Magnum Christmas: Crank It Up, High Energy’ party at the main car park of the National Stadium.

Last Friday, December 2, the rain came down in an uneventful fashion, but not before Magnum promoters had their fair chance to crank up the ‘Magnum Christmas: Crank It Up, High Energy’ party at the main car park of the National Stadium, in Kingston, Jamaica. Early arriving Chino was among the few, robbed of the chance to add overly-anticipated performances, by the showers which got heavier.
The early Christmas party was held to kick-off promotions of the standout beverage, the ‘crank it up’ Magnum tonic wine, in over 200 bars across Jamaica. In the National Stadium’s car park, an impressive roster of young up-and-coming DJs specially handpicked by Magnum, complimenting Magnum Energee DJs were on feature, but only a few had a go up to the second showers of rain. The original slate included DJ British, DJ Ash, DJ Naz, Mr Mawning, DJ Jagga, Crazy Chris and Scientist – the newly formed Energee Jocks.
At 11.01pm masses of people were answering roll call as Coppershot toyed with the blanket of emotions, dance styles, cheers, the attentive patrons weaved.

P GAVIN JAMES PHOTO: Magnum Christmas: Crank it Up, High Energy party held December 2, 2011.

Laced with the new Magnum Tonic Wine, energies at the party were high-spirited, cranked up by discjocks such as DJ Supa Hype, Foota Hype. In a special segment, Foota Hype ripped thunderous laughter from lips when he belted out his lyrics. He definitely is a man of style ‘not needing nor taking styling from anyone else’.
Certainly with the slimming Ms Kitty, and the Boasy Boy Floyd as hosts of the well hyped event, spirits were kept high, bodies well pumped with the signature tonic wine and other drinks from the bar, pleasing those who had been in anticipation for party. And when the rains came, even a bit after, Floyd suggested a transformation to have a water party, as a number of patrons held their spots, some clinging on to the front rails for support as they wined to the music still being played and with performances such as Tanto Blacks.

Tanto Blacks was one of the acts that stole the patrons full attention.. enough to last through the first….and the second coming of showers of rain drops. In his usual comical approach, he enlivened the crowd with his trademark…..Blue tooth ……Twiitter……………ably assisted by Tanto Duppy.
Scantily clad Rough Rider girls, except for the shoes they wore and hairdos, were appealing in chocolate brown off-the-shoulder mini dresses, with ragged edges, and gave patrons enough teaser ‘wines’ and condoms to encourage safe sex.
The Magnum Girls were clad in all black skin-to-fit outfits with ovals which were outlined in bright colours, strategically cut out, to form a vertical stripe, along the outer legs and arms. They were hip, and exuded feminine energies to place the happy audience in an irresistible circle for more Magnum, music and frolic.
The reigning Magnum queen, Nioma, did not give her expected stellar performance, but this was quickly made up by current Magnum King Hurricane who breezed in and represented well securing his spot as a crowd favourite.
Young Ravers Clavers, highly energised, appealed with more originality in their choreographed routine, adding to the quickening momentum begun by the slithering Magnum girls who danced like wolves, literally inch-worming across the stage flooring to devour hearts and minds.
At the abrupt end – only due to the necessity to shield the equipment from the weather – when the music stopped, patrons still cranked up were waiting for more and still anticipated seeing other slated favourites. They were tamed with buckets of Magnum by promoters compensating for the inclement weather, which warmed up those who continuously stood to weather the thickening raindrops.
The ‘Magnum Christmas: Crank It Up High Energy’ party was produced by Expoze Entertainment, and patrons earned a ticket by purchasing two of the Lascelles-distributed Magnum Tonic Wine. A early Christmas gift, it did not disappoint as the first part of the special campaign by Magnum. According to Magnum Brand Manager Rojah Thomas, the series continues Magnum’s more-than- 10-year partnership with Jamaica’s dancehall. The series officially launched on Friday, November 18, with DJ Supa Hype at Escape 24 in New Kingston.

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