Jamaica’s ‘Back History’ TRUMPED by Donald Trump?

There is report circulating some time ago that Hilary Clinton pledged to have Christians denounce Christianity… Is there truth to this as I wonder then what the protests Trump is really about.
Despite his brutish ways, Donald Trump recently announced an opportunity for persecuted Christians to be accepted as refugees in US. SO turning now to real Jamaica issues as either way Jamaicans would have been violently affected or so it seems. Then again my thinking is on Black History month. i have long campaigned that it is full time Jamaica simply celebrate Jamaica month. Why did we need to join up and celebrate BLACK HISTORY which began as an even for negroes in America… hilighting the history of African Americans in the first second or third place.
Surely we can find our own 300 persons to highlight as Jamaican culture.
Let’s therefore big up Patrick Tony Rebel Barret staged in the first month of the year – a celebration of his birthday in the form of promoting true authentic Jamaica reggae and Jamaica natural lifestyle.


that out of many one.

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