OAaSIS creative workshops go well in Central Kingston

Since July 29, 2013 creative workshops (OAaSIS International Foundation) have been warmly received and attended by children and parents of Central Kingston.

Since June 29, 2013 creative workshops have been warmly received and attended by children and parents of Central Kingston.
The workshop series are held each Saturday from 10:00 to 1:30pm, at 17 James street, home of noted Jamaican sculptor Peter R Johnson who has won many awards.
During school, the hours will be changed from 12noon to 3:00pm.

Founding Projects Director of OAaSIS International Foundation said the workshops were to have been for only four weeks, but owing to the response and turnout the workshops are being planned to be permanent at the location where a club and homework centre geared at development of youth and community is being designed.

So far, the list of volunteer artists and teachers has included Edna Manley College graduates. This list includes Rico Reiko Nagase, Melame Gange, Peter Johnson, Sandra ‘SanSam’ Green (former top CXC Art student) and Andrew Walker. Volunteering to assist have been Avery Barnett, Danielle Barnett, Juan Marie Daswell, Dwayne Dawes and others. As a journalist and artist herself, founding project director Anthea McGibbon conducts workshops in Visual Arts and Literary Arts so far.
The initial number benches were finally made by area carpenter Errol Dawes with boards supplied by Kingston Bookshop. Food For the Poor donated the teachers desk and table, while artists and Anthea McGibbon herself donated materials.
To donate visit www.oaasisinternational.org or call 876-812-7177

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