Raw Jamaican talent: Colour my thoughts and meditation

Jermaine Gordon helps you to Colour your thoughts with his music and thoughts, while Colin Gyles brings you into pensive thinking about your spiritual side that matters.

Two spiritual Jamaicans present through their expressions inspiration for many.

Colour My Thoughts

Jermaine Gordon who as a motivator has been travelling through schools is a writer, poet, songwriter and musican. At his website Colour your Thoughts you can access books, music, poetry by him for your inspiration.


Colin Gyles is a minister of the gospel, more specifically about love. He made an indellible impression writing for the Jamaica Gleaner’s religion section. Provoking critical thinking with his debates especially against Hard Talk’s Ian Boyne, he has written books about love, which he distributes freely. He has more than scribed messages at his website, which you can access at:
Meditation and musings by Colin A Gyles

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