Reader says Jamaican leaders ‘disrespect’ the Jamaican flag

I am in DISBELIEF and SHOCK at the BLATANT DISRESPECT of our FLAG that the color green was deliberately omitted from the Jamaican Flag backdrop at…

Letter to the Editor,
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am in DISBELIEF and SHOCK at the BLATANT DISRESPECT of our FLAG and towards My FELLOW JAMAICANS that the color green was deliberately omitted from the Jamaican Flag backdrop at the swearing ceremony for councilors and mayor in Montego Bay, based on the ASSUMPTION that the organisers thought that the green would be politically incorrect for a “PNP” function.

Awkward 'Jamaican' flag.. at a NATIONAL EVENT... Hmmm

I am at a loss as to when our Island of Jamaica became a PNP only country. Is this what Mrs.Simpson Miller meant by PEOPLE POWER? Is this what 50 years of INDEPENDENCE means? Mrs.Simpson Miller and the PNP should be ASHAMED of themselves for this ATROCITY, How IGNORANT and ILLITERATE of them to think that well thinking Jamaicans would sit by and let this be swept under the rug.If this is indeed what the People voted for, then I say well done, After all the PNP tun up di ting to the highest level. Mrs.Simpson Miller as the Prime Minister and her Party SHOULD at once APOLOGISE to the people of Jamaica for this IGNORANCE and AUDACITY, how dare them?
I am,
Michelle Bradshaw

MOBAY MAYOR APOLOGISES ::: I’m sorry — Black Gold and…

REACTION FROM Saffron Jackson-Kerr on FACEBOOK

SAW THIS ON FB AND JUST HAD TO REPOST BECAUSE I AM SO ANGRY BY THE TOTAL DISRESPECT TOWARDS OUR NATIONAL EMBLEM AND THE JAMAICAN PEOPLE…”the color green was deliberately omitted from the Jamaican Flag backdrop swearing ceremony for councilors and mayor in Montego Bay as the organisers thought that the green would be politically incorrect for a “PNP” function,” stated by Dennis Meadows. I would love to hear your views?

REACTION FROM Nickeisha Henry:
The organizers need to be sacked. This was no mistake, it was deliberate. Surely someone must have checked the venue for suitability before the ceremony went ahead. AT that point, they would have noticed there was no green and provisions would have been made then….hence this was no mistake this was deliberate….. honestly Jamaicans turn a blind eye to every thing too much, they always trying to justify ppl actions, they need to stop reflect and ACT. The function did not include a correct Jamaican Flag at a swearing ceremony…come on…and no one checked for that. pls…The whole planning committee should be sacked and the mayor relinquished of his duties. As Jamaicans, we sit done let too much pass us by….we need to ACT…and ACT NOW…this is not a trivial matter as some deems it…

See more arguments for and against on Facilitators for a better Jamaica group on Facebook – yes facebook!

A first it seemed to be a matter of misunderstanding of design.. but on the other hand — Jamaicans are a visual bunch and subliminal messages are what they are… Sensitivity in using this design at SUCH a function is an absolute must… Jamaicans will go to the theatre see blue at the top of the stage.. and call it the sky… As an artist, I must ask the lot to please be mindful of what you do as leaders… I am sure a lot of ‘explanations’ will be offered.. but the proof is in the pudding whether it’s actual or virtual reality…The design at is is makes absolutely no sense.. why would you even put a golden cross across a BLACK background at a function such as this… It’s a disturbing design whether it was meant to look like the flag in abstract form or NOT…. OONU wake up…


REAL CHANGE FOR JAMAICA GROUP .. is really about supporting PNP.. anybody going against them is banned … you wonder.. are they JAMAICAN?

MOBAY MAYOR APOLOGISES ::: I’m sorry — Black Gold and…
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3 thoughts on “Reader says Jamaican leaders ‘disrespect’ the Jamaican flag

  1. This is getting out of hand. As anyone thought of how difficult it would be to recreate the flag as a backdrop without first sewing it together? Secondly, black and gold back-drops have been used many times without issue. Evidently the decorator was just tacky and possibly lacking in creativity, and who know’s possibly material.
    Bottom line, there are much more serious issues to be dealt with in this country. So, these politicians seeking to gain from this mistake need to find something to do. It has been noted, we have learnt, lets move on.

  2. Hi Febe,
    Thanks for posting. The decorator said HE WAS INSTRUCTED to LEAVE OUT THE GREEN BY representatives of MoBay branch of Prime Ministers office. The Mayor made a public speech however that thre green was left out because they ran out of green material. Relating articles are published on this site. This article above is just the first.
    It is interesting you do not regard it as a serious issue on nationality. Please note however that:
    1. Among those who take issue with the intentionally ommited green are PNP supporters and that includes yes at politician levels.
    2. JLP politicians were also blamed, as they too initially said nothing.
    3. This is also seen as an issue international implications. Which other country big or small are persons allowed to ‘change’ the flag and carry out with that flag as backdrop for a national/state event?
    4. The colours of the flag each bear meaning so how can the flag be the flag with part missing.
    Thanks for communicating and sharing your views.

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  3. Mrs Simpson miller don’t respect the flag, the people nor the country. She has no regards for what our heroes went through she knows not what we stand for as a people. She don’t care about the country and it’s people she is nothing but a selfish leader. The fact that she is changing the flag because it has green in it proves that she is truly illiterate because every Colour in that flag has a meaning. I would only ask her one question how will changing the flag of jamaica or removing the queen help to stop crime or build up or economy? How would it help door us to have a better Jamaica?

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