Reggae Fantasy Experience for Ocho Rios?

Reggae Fantasy Experience for Ocho Rios, Jamaica if DaCosta has his way this summer

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Internationally acclaimed saxophonist Glen DaCosta is getting ready to begin another episode in his extensive musical journey. This is after collected a Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) award during Reggae Month as part of the iconic reggae band of the 1970s, Zap Pow.

Glen DaCosta
Glen DaCosta

DaCosta has drafted plans for a project called the Jamaica Reggae Fantasy Experience (JFRE) which he aims to get off the ground during the summer in Ocho Rios, St Ann.

DaCosta explains that this project is aimed at bringing tourists to Jamaica where they can meet and greet with icons like himself including people who have been legendary pioneers in the business, who have built this reggae legacy over the years.

Visitors will get an opportunity to do a video, featuring a song, poem or just a greeting to family or friends, all done to a reggae rhythm just before going on tours to relevant museums and spots in keeping with the title of the event.

The primary reason for the tribute section of the event is to revive a reggae music industry which is basically dying through lack of creativity, explains DaCosta.

The JaRIA award recognised the band for its contribution to Jamaican music and comes 45 years after the group was formed. Over the years, the band has collected several local awards including the much-acclaimed El Suzie Awards which was popular in the ’70s.

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