Sample job application letter in Jamaica

Sample job application letter in Jamaica

Below is a sample job application letter. It is meant to be a guide for persons seeking employment in Jamaica. As such it should be tailored.

Applicants name
Applicants contact detail

Personnel Manager
Company name
Company address


Dear Sir/ Madam,

In response to your advertisement dated DATE OF PUBLISHED AD, I FIRST LAST NAME, hereby seek employment in your most prestigious company. The success rate of your company and the team spirit of the managers and employees alike convinces me that I can realise my full potential there.

Qualified in accounting and management, I am seeking to use my innovative and creative skills to contribute to the continued success, growth and success of your company.

Should I be considered, I will endeavour to be your best asset. I am flexible and willing to learn any new skill required to ensure I am the best asset in the companys development.

I am grateful for your kindest consideration and do await your most favourable reply.
Attached is my resume, recommendations are available upon request. I am available for an interview at your convenience.

Respectfully yours,
Applicant name

The above is meant as a sample and a guide, and as such you can contact this sites team for further detailed assistance.

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