Save a life with guinea hen weed (garlic weed)

Save a life with guinea hen weed (garlic weed), another green gold of Jamaica

Here’s yet another GREEN GOLD found on Jamaican soil. Although attracting many visitors to the island, it’s potency remains a hidden secret from just too many Jamaicans.
The guinea hen weed (guinean weed), or anamu, also known as Petiveria (family) alliacea (species) is good for a number of ailments and makes great tea.


It perhaps is the stinkest bush you can find, but the Jamaican guinea hen weed which grows almost anywhere island-wide, and often overlooked, is strong in medicinal value.

Truth is it has been known to drive cancer symptoms away. It definately rids one of any cold, flu or relating illnesses. One friend of mine I know who is always having the flu was down and almost cold out.

How can I leave out the woman with arthritis who soaked some leaves in rum and sapped her pain and swelling away. Now although there are men also who claim it as a cure for prostate cancer out there, please consult a physician.

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Now how do you identify it. Look for that dark green colour, but more importantly look for the pattern of the vine in the leaf. Even more important is the stalk. There is a part that looks like other bushes, but then make sure to look for the additional stalk that looks like a stalk of bamboos.
Then when you’ve got that down tight, break a leaf, and sniff. If it isn’t so stink to almost knock you to Pluto, it isn’t Guinea Hen weed.

Family: Phytolaccaceae
Genus: Petiveria
Species alliacea

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Exporting the natural guinea hen weed to foreign lands is not so easy. However, get consultation on just how you can get it to foreign land. At times there are restrictions at borders across the world. To purchase the guinea hen or byproducts such as capsules through the Jamaica Herbalist team, there is a fee.

Although these articles is based on actual testimonies and evidence noted, please consult a physician. Just maybe you want to consider that actual body chemicals and combining bushes also with prescribed medicine can lead to complications.

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