Social investment and spiritual purpose

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“A man is not defined by his job, yet by his dream.” –Drew L. Hinds 2008

A person must spend quality time with themselves to find out who they are and what they want from a relationship and life as a whole. Many of us feel unbalanced and have many empty voids. It is a pity that many of us have yet to understand that tangible possessions can not compensate for a “Spiritual Recession.”
A spiritual recession is when those who have yet to know God or know of Him and have left Him behind. These individuals are left with a sense of incompleteness due to the fact of lack of, “Spiritual Purpose.”
Spiritual purpose is a concept of realizing that you are a creation and knowing that you’re Creator has a divine purpose for your life.

Once a person has regained a balance in the life as an individual being, then and only then should they pursue a meaningful relationship. The balance we speak about also has elements that motivate a person to understand what their likes and dislikes are, and secure a sound standard for life. I have watched many people jump from relationship too relationship trying to find themselves, but one must know themselves prior to entering a relationship.

Please, believe me when I say, “You can have a successful relationship in friendship, family, and marriage. Success stems from believing that nothing is impossible or improbable.”

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Drew L. Hinds, Jr. is a driven young man of Jamaican decent, whose inner being radiates passion and a deep level of insight. Drew operates as mentor, a songwriter, vocalist, freelance photographer, self-taught pianist. As an author he self published his debut book Don’t Spoil Your Appetite, Volume 1, Good Man For Sale ( a guide to women) ). He is also the editor, graphic designer and co-founder of Desk Ink Publishing. For his books, link up at
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